My Crochet Cocoon Cardigan

100% handmade crocheted cardigan, using different yarns of varying thickness to make it lighter and drape more gracefully.

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My Crochet Jumper

Knitted with a stitch that makes the garment even softer and fluffier, light, and with a beautiful drape.

Additionally, its V-neck and back allow you to let it fall off one shoulder, making it more stylish and giving it a more relaxed look.

Enjoy sustainable fashion

Express yourself

We all love comfort, soft and fluffy fabrics, and above all, colors. I enjoy creating feminine, sexy garments with a unique style that define how I feel every day

Chunky Knit Sweater

The oversized design of this sweater makes it very comfortable; you'll feel a warm hug when wearing it, but without it being overwhelming.

Crochet Cocoon Shrug

This shrug sweater is woven with vegan and hypoallergenic wool, made from 100% acrylic that is extremely soft and fluffy. It comes in a petrol blue color with a subtle and gentle sheen, making it a special and lovely garment.

Boho Knit Blouse

You can throw on this knit crop top over a spaghetti-strap dress and completely transform its look, or wear it with jeans, in both cases, you'll be super comfortable and give a unique touch to your outfit.

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